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New Baby, New Brother – Huntsville, Alabama Photographer

One of the most wonderful things about being in the photography business for so long is that I have developed an amazing relationship with so many different clients, many of whom I consider dear friends. This family is one of those families that is very near and dear to my heart. For that reason I packed up my bags and flew out to greet the newest member of their beautiful family, little D. You may wonder how we got a 2 month old to do sleepy newborn photos. The answer is simple, move in with the family for a few days and eventually the baby has to go to sleep! 😉 In all seriousness though, 2 months is a wonderful age for “newborn” photos. For all those moms out there who think they’ve waited too long to get a newborn session please let me encourage you to book your newborn photos when YOU and your baby are READY. We will take the time we need and we will get you beautiful images that you’ll treasure for your lifetime whether or not you’ve missed the 10 cut off! 😉


I am Mother, hear me roar!

These photos are ones of power. The privilege and ability that God has given women to bear and give birth to our babies, our gifts from heaven, and the ability to feel such a tightly knit bond to mother them through adoption is humbling. There is empowerment in that humility, though. We are trusted with the very lives of these babes. This mother is statuesque, confident in her ability to nurture this newborn life. Now as a mom I know that not every moment of motherhood if dripping with confidence. In fact there have been moments in fits of crying and screaming and defiance in which I wonder why I ever thought I was capable. The truth is that on my own I am not capable of giving my children the picture of a full life- it is Christ in me that allows me the grace and wisdom to receive confidence to guide my family. In those Christ-seeking moments, I feel his power flow through me, confidence spreading through my veins and rediscovering the joy of motherhood. Those are the moments in which I feel the roar of motherhood rising in me. Thank you, God, for the privilege of motherhood. I am thrilled to be a part of the tribe of mothers. From the very first mother created in the garden of Eden to the very newest mom right here in my new home state of Pennsylvania, we each have stories and something, someone, to be proud of. So for all of you mothers out there, cling tight the babe at your bosom and say it with me out of the depths of devotion: “I am Mother, hear me ROAR!”



Oh the places!

You may remember this cutie from a post a few weeks ago.  His first birthday session was a blast!  We were able to get lots of creative shots right here in the Poconos, and some great keepsakes for his mom and dad.

The main challenge: bedtime.  This little guy goes to bed early!  But guess what doesn’t go to bed early?  The sun.  It was a little challenge to get him to show off his happy-all-the-time personality for the evening light, but we was a trooper!  I am so glad!  He, like most babies, loved his balloon.  He was just learning how to walk steadily and gleefully trailed his balloon down the street, proclaiming proudly his victory of turning ONE!  Don’t worry, this is a safe street in Pennsylvania with little to no traffic… no babies were harmed in the making of this photo shoot.  In fact, one baby was quite filled with laughter during this photo shoot!  Just the first year of many; oh the places he will go!


Twinkle, twinkle little star!

A twinkle in her eyes, laughter on her tongue, this little girl is having fun turning one!  If you’ve read my previous posts, you know how amazed I am by how much babies change and learn in the first year of life.  I love, love, love capturing these milestones.  When they get to the age when they are interacting with the world, exploring the earth, crawling, toddling, walking, you can see the glimmer in their gazes light up with wonder!  While it is kind of challenging to photograph these newly on-the-go tots, the reward for the job is so nice.  Check out baby girl’s glee in the top photo!  She is a happy one.  A happy “one” year old!  She is perfectly surrounded with pink blossoms, a backdrop fit for this kind of princess.  I love how nature just creates the most beautiful scenery.  How can we not photograph outdoors all year round?  Each season has something remarkable to offer, just like each season of life.  I am so happy that I got to capture this season for this sweet heart! IMG_0412



Make a Wish – First Birthday Photos

Isn’t it amazing how much a baby goes through during their first year of life?  When you stop to think about it, it is remarkable!  Is there any other year that they accomplish so many new skills?  In the span of about 19 months they go from a microscopic organism in their mommy’s tummy to taking their first breath out in the world, automatically programmed to drink new milk, then new foods, rolling over, sitting up, standing and walking.  It is amazing the set of skills these babies accomplish with little coaxing from others- it is just the way God has created them!

Their life is full of whimsy.  You can see the pride in their faces every time they master a new skill- ready with a smile and even a giggle.  They are so persistent.  Something in the minds of a pre-one year old insists that they don’t give up.  Inevitably, they reach milestones.  I’ve been tempted to wish that certain stages would freeze in time, but those sweet babies just keep growing and growing.

This little baby celebrated his first birthday with excitement!  Oh, the places he will go!  His little toothy grin, his belly chuckles, his elbow dimples, his pinchable thighs.  The dreams of this boy are limitless!  It is my hope that as he continues to grow and gather more skills, when he sees this photograph of his first birthday, he will feel the encouragement and possibility to pursue his God-given dreams… and that he pursues them with joy and imagination!

Happy first year, little guy!



He Makes All Things New

Easter reminds me of fresh, new things!  What is better than a fresh, newborn baby?  This little sweetheart was a perfect model.  Can you smell the sweet newness of life?  Even the flowers inched closer to breathe in her beauty and give her a welcome into the world!  Capturing peaceful moments like this brings me joy as a photographer.  The days of a newborn pass so quickly.  As much as moms and dads want to make times like this stand still, the sun rises to new days and new phases come swiftly.  I am so grateful for my wonderful clients who give me hope that spring is here, the newness of life is here, even in the Pennsylvania where winter has seemed to taken an extra joy ride around the Poconos!E_Newborn_Photographer1.jpg

Close to my heart

There are not many things more special than holding your baby.  I might even go out on a limb and say there is nothing more special then holding your baby and joyous when you have the ability to nurse that baby.  The bond between mother and child is tremendous and this image was my vision to show that.  I will always keep my baby close to my heart.


Baby Nursing Photo in Poconos Pennsylvania

6 months old already?!

I will proudly say this little baby belongs to me. 🙂 I’ve been on a bit of a break for awhile. With the birth of my daughter and our whirlwind move to Pennsylvania saying things have been crazy is an overstatement. Needless to say, I’m not letting these moments pass without taking the time to capture them! She’s now 6 months old.. ugh I can’t believe it. I think every momma should get professional pictures at three main times during the first year for so many reasons. The first is ofcourse when a baby is a newborn. I went into the reasons for that in Ellie’s newborn post. The second is sometime from 5-9 months. Why? Well because they no longer look anywhere near what they looked like as a newborn. Plus they are starting to engage, smile, laugh, sit, roll over, etc etc. Sooo many wonderful changes happen during this time! Even if you can’t hire a photographer, find a little spot in your home next to a nice window and get a few photos of these little milestones.

Something fun about these you may notice, she’s sucking on her fingers. This is something she does all of the time! I’ve never seen another baby do this before so to me it’s something that is so extremely unique to her. It’s a small little trait that is showing me she is who she is and I’m so excited to watch her grow to become her own little self.

I hope you enjoy!

Baby Photographer - Northeast Pennsylvania

Baby’s first year portraits

Poconos Baby Photographer – Early fall birthday

First birthday’s are so fun. They are especially fun when you’ve had the opportunity to watch the many wonderful changes that happen in the life of a baby during its first year of life.  As a mom of three I’m reminded everyday about how quickly our children grow. As a photographer who is blessed by many families coming to me with their newborns throughout their first year I realize the same is true for every mom. We must cherish these moments and enjoy the many many wonderful things about this transition.




Baby photographer – Portraits in the Spring

Eeek! That is really all I can say about these images. Not only is our little subject the biggest blue eyes you ever seen, chunkiest and cutest little man but we had another gorgeous day in Greensboro for his portrait session. We started off a baby’s first year package with 2 studio sessions and am so happy that we get to finish it up with this and another session on location. I always love to get a good variety for mom and dad to enjoy!


IMG_8526 copy