6 months old already?!

I will proudly say this little baby belongs to me. :) I’ve been on a bit of a break for awhile. With the birth of my daughter and our whirlwind move to Pennsylvania saying things have been crazy is an overstatement. Needless to say, I’m not letting these moments pass without taking the time to capture them! She’s now 6 months old.. ugh I can’t believe it. I think every momma should get professional pictures at three main times during the first year for so many reasons. The first is ofcourse when a baby is a newborn. I went into the reasons for that in Ellie’s newborn post. The second is sometime from 5-9 months. Why? Well because they no longer look anywhere near what they looked like as a newborn. Plus they are starting to engage, smile, laugh, sit, roll over, etc etc. Sooo many wonderful changes happen during this time! Even if you can’t hire a photographer, find a little spot in your home next to a nice window and get a few photos of these little milestones.

Something fun about these you may notice, she’s sucking on her fingers. This is something she does all of the time! I’ve never seen another baby do this before so to me it’s something that is so extremely unique to her. It’s a small little trait that is showing me she is who she is and I’m so excited to watch her grow to become her own little self.

I hope you enjoy!

Baby Photographer - Northeast Pennsylvania

Baby’s first year portraits