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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Jumping back into business

The years have flown by, almost like the blink of an eye. I started this journey 14 years ago just after the birth of my first. 5 kids, countless moves across country and back again, 2 special needs adoptions and numerous medical appointments and hospital visits related to those, I almost feel as though I lost myself to motherhood. I am looking for her again, that creative passionate spirit that fueled my once thriving photography business. She was never fully asleep for over the last several years she has been learning, growing, creating, just not for others. I captured the beautiful moments of my own children. I am so thankful for the God given talent and the ability and means necessary to do so, for I have hundreds if not thousands of beautiful images of those most precious to me,. I have dearly missed creating for others though. I have missed the connection with my clients, many of whom have become dear friends after all of these years. I have missed the gasps and tears from moms when they first see the forget me not moments of their own children’s lives. I have missed the networking, idea sharing, community among other small business owners. So although I am not ready to take on photography again full time I will be accepting a very limited number of clients starting in the fall of 2021 and I will be co-hosting a number of shootouts in the South before we set sails for our new home in Texas. In the meantime, I thought it prudent to share some of my newer images so until time allows for me to share again, may you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed creating them.