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The Face Behind the Camera

 I am a child of DSC_3259God, a mom of 4 beautiful children, and a artist with a passion for creating something beautiful.  I love to capture life’s precious moments for my family and those around me. I have a gift and a way with kids that makes them feel secure, and comfortable. I love to see them happy. I love to get to know them, and even more so, I love to capture their personality and show that in my work.

As a mother, I have learned there is nothing more precious than watching your little one grow. Also, I now understand how you can be happy to see things like their first steps, but at the same time sad to know those first steps won’t happen again. These are fleeting moments which go by so quickly, but which should never be forgotten. That is the reason why I do what I do. I want to capture those moments for kids and parents to love and appreciate for a lifetime. That is the reason why I created A Forget Me Not Moment Photography.