I am Mother, hear me roar!

These photos are ones of power. The privilege and ability that God has given women to bear and give birth to our babies, our gifts from heaven, and the ability to feel such a tightly knit bond to mother them through adoption is humbling. There is empowerment in that humility, though. We are trusted with the very lives of these babes. This mother is statuesque, confident in her ability to nurture this newborn life. Now as a mom I know that not every moment of motherhood if dripping with confidence. In fact there have been moments in fits of crying and screaming and defiance in which I wonder why I ever thought I was capable. The truth is that on my own I am not capable of giving my children the picture of a full life- it is Christ in me that allows me the grace and wisdom to receive confidence to guide my family. In those Christ-seeking moments, I feel his power flow through me, confidence spreading through my veins and rediscovering the joy of motherhood. Those are the moments in which I feel the roar of motherhood rising in me. Thank you, God, for the privilege of motherhood. I am thrilled to be a part of the tribe of mothers. From the very first mother created in the garden of Eden to the very newest mom right here in my new home state of Pennsylvania, we each have stories and something, someone, to be proud of. So for all of you mothers out there, cling tight the babe at your bosom and say it with me out of the depths of devotion: “I am Mother, hear me ROAR!”