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Happpy 2nd!

There’s something magical about the 2nd birthday. Yes the 1st birthday is fun, but baby’s can’t really celebrate when they turn one. Many of them don’t even like the taste of their first birthday cake! šŸ˜‰ Two on the other hand is another story. Two is an age of discovery, learning, magic, imagination, silliness! At […]

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Poconos Baby Photographer – Early fall birthday

First birthday’s are so fun. They are especially fun when you’ve had the opportunity to watch the many wonderful changes that happen in the life of a baby during its first year of life.Ā  As a mom of three I’m reminded everyday about how quickly our children grow. As a photographer who is blessed by […]

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Children’s Photography Studio – Alice in Wonderland Storybook Sessions

I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing our storybook sessions and I absolutely LOVE it when I get to have siblings in one together.Ā  The funny thing about this session is that momma is a relative of a dear friend of our family from years and years ago and we had no idea until the first time […]

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Poconos Newborn Photography Studio

You saw a little sneak peek of this baby a bit ago, but I wanted to share a few more images from our wonderful session together. As you may remember, big brother wasn’t able to make it to the original session because he wasn’t feeling very well. And poor momma was barely able to make […]

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