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Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Sweet & Sassy Redhead

Wow.. I absolutely adored photographing this little girl. Not only are her and her momma the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet, she is just the perfect little model in front of the camera. She had some of the most beautiful outfits for me to pick from and you can see she knows her poses and how to glam it up for the camera. Its so fun for me to get a little bit older girl since most of the time I see alot of babies and toddlers.  I love doing photos for those ages of course but there is such a fun vibe when doing  a session for a child who is getting a little bigger. They are really discovering who they are at this age and what they’re passionate about. Whether it be clothes and dance like this little lady, or baseball and barbeque like another little boy I know, this age is just so fun. I hope you enjoy a few of these favorites from our session together!


Children's and Family Photographer


Greensboro Baby Photographer – Sweet 6 Month Old