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Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Time to Remember

Talking with moms over the years I have found that everyone has a “sweet spot” when it comes to their favorite age and stage of their children.  Of course we love them during all the stages, but there seems to be a magic time in our children’s lives when things just work.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have everything figured out during that stage or we can know exactly what they want, but things just mesh for a few days or weeks or if we are lucky, months.

I love the newborn stage.  If you have had the opportunity to care for a newborn, your thoughts might be wandering to the sleepless nights (and days), the gooey neon poop, and the cries of gassiness.  Yeah, honestly, I get overwhelmed with that, too.  But shifting my perspective a little bit gives room to soak in this precious time.  I am so thankful to have experienced the bond of being a nursing mother.  There have been few other experiences in my life that point to the perfect provision of God than carrying, giving birth, and nursing my children.  He truly equips mothers to sustain the life of their children.  I love the moments of peace and surrender when my babies just rest in my arms, content at the breast.  They are getting the nourishment they need for their bellies and their hearts, skin to skin with their mommy.  God’s design is beautiful.

Here is a peek at a mother’s day session I was able to capture this year.  This mom is so gorgeous.  It is an honor to see her love for her child.  The gaze they are sharing here is an example of the reason motherhood is so precious; that little face staring back at you as you pour out your love in caring for their needs.  This sweet shot was taken during a nursing session, and it just reminds me how lucky I am to give other moms the opportunity to remember these moments that so quickly pass on as their babies change and grow swiftly in their first year of life.

So enjoy, beautiful mommy.  Treasure your little one’s gaze and use this memory to nurture his heart with hope and unconditional love as he grows.

Nursing Mother

Energy Anew

Back to the coffee pot I go this morning.  Is it my first refill?  My second? Oh whatever the number, I am just hoping that this next cup will energize me for the day. Or the morning. Or this next hour… heck these next few minutes! Morning inside my house can be rough, I am not going to lie. Sometimes I even feel begrudged that I am out of bed before I am ready (I love you, my precious babies, I do).

And then a thought crosses my mind as I catch a glimpse of this beautiful image. This image is like the energy I need each morning. The sunshine, my first sip of coffee. The sweet scent of dew, my refill. The fragrance of flowers, my second trip to the carafe. Each detail just wakes me up to the new day as I catch the energy of this sweet child of God anticipating the joy of the field she is lingering in. I find myself wanting to prance around the tall, soft blades of grass, breathing deeply the scent of spring! Oh Pennsylvania, today will be a good day!


Mom, Loved Beyond Measure

When my first child was born, I bought one of those fill in the blank baby books that you recorded all the milestones and “firsts”.  You know what I’m talking about: first outing, first tooth, first foods, first vacation, first explosive poopy diaper that had mommy running out of the grocery store with awkward yellow stains on her shirt (oh wait, not that one…).  I started keeping up with it, but then eventually came to the conclusion that I had a pretty good memory and would probably remember all that without having to write it down.  Several years later, several kids later, guess what?  I DON’T REMEMBER!

Mommy, the moment’s are so fleeting!  I want you to remember the way your child’s hair stood up in a Mohawk no matter how often you brushed it aside into a part.  The way you smiled down at your sweet darling as she surrendered to your breast, her little fist wrapped confidently around your finger.  The way those two little baby teeth poked through her gummy grin as she stared at you with ever-learning eyes.  The tight grip around your neck as you spun in joyful circles round and round the living room just to hear that belly laugh one time more.

More importantly, I want your child to know the persistence with which you pursued her, the smile you gave her, the security she felt from your grasp, the lessons you helped her learn, the willingness you had to help her feel the bliss of pure fun!  When your child is older, wouldn’t it be amazing to give her the opportunity to see the fullness of which you embraced motherhood?

This is my mission!  I want you mommies in front of the camera!  I want to capture how you relate with your kids, so you can both remember and discover all over again how your relationship began and evolved.  I am offering you, yes YOU, Mom, the opportunity to capture the “now” moments.  I am now booking Mother’s Day Minis.  And, when you pin this to pinterest, you will be entered to win a free session.  Pin it to win it!