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Baby’s 1st birthday – Winston Salem, NC

Happy belated birthday little lady! I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of knowing this family for 3 years now and have the opportunity to photograph this darling little girl since she was just a few weeks old. The time has certainly flown by and I can hardly believe she’s recently celebrated her first birthday. This is the first time I’ve ever actually been to Triad Park for a session and since it was just barely spring I was a little worried we were going to be facing a yucky dreary day and a yucky dreary brown background. Thankfully, even though a bit chilly and windy, we were able to pull it off and the grass was mostly green. Plus we found a little spot with some early blooming flowers. We’d already been waiting a couple months for birthday images outside, so although we could have waited a few more for a beautiful truly spring day, we decided to go for it!  She was as happy and sweet as ever so I’m so glad we did!





Baby’s first year portraits – 6 months, smiling and sitting

Oh what a gem! Isn’t she just the cutest little darling you’ve ever seen. That smile just lights up the room and I know this little girl is loved loved loved by her mom and dad and those two wonderful big brothers of hers! IMG_7321


Photography Studio – Baby’s first year portraits – Greensboro, NC

What a joy it is for me to see a family year after year after year, to watch the kids get bigger and to watch the family grow. It’s been 3 years now since I started photographing this family and I’m so happy that I’ll get to see them several more times this year as baby girl grows. Its always so nice to see big brother, and ofcourse by now he thinks its party time every time we get together because we have so much fun.  I do my best work with these types of clients because they understand what my vision is for them, and they are right there with me as we create it together. Plus, it is a rarity for me to have a mother who is excited to be in the photos with her kids so when I find one I embrace the opportunity to capture these even more special forget me not moments. After all moms, our kids will want to know what we were like when they were little, and they’ll want to see the love that we had for them from the beginning won’t they?


Baby Photographer – My first year portraits


It seems just when we finish up a lot of babies for their 1st year packages, we get another group coming in. It’s really so much fun watching these sweet darlings grow up and getting to see them and mommy so often. One of the best parts of what we do is really getting to know our families. What a joy! We photographed this little lady’s big brother several years ago and she’s got his sweet enduring personality. I guess they must both get it from their lovely momma! Enjoy here beautiful smile.


Baby Photographer

North Carolina’s Premier Baby Photographer – Mr. C and his 3 month birthday

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Greensboro baby photographer – L’s 1st birthday celebration

IMG_2665 copy IMG_2681 copy IMG_2694 copy IMG_2695 copy IMG_2843 copy

Greensboro Baby Photographer – 6 months goes by so fast!

I absolutely adore my baby’s first year clients but WOW can I say.. where have the last 6 months gone??? I cannot believe it! I just graduated several of them (as you’ll see here soon) and it seems like this little man was just a newborn.. so itty bitty and snuggly! He sure has gotten handsome though!!! What a precious little smile he has, and an even sweeter spirit. Its obvious where it comes from because his momma is such a delight to see! I know the next 6 months will fly by too and I am so looking forward to celebrating a beautiful first birthday session with him soon!

North Carolina Baby Photographer – Happy Birthday E!

Its so sad to see my baby’s first year client “graduate” from their first year package although it is such a joy to watch them grow and change so much! Its always a pleasure to see this family and I hope I’ll be seeing them for many many many years to come! They have such a great family dynamic and you can really tell there is a lot of love in that house!

Greensboro Baby Photographer – A’s First Birthday

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing and taking pictures of sweet little A since she was a newborn! What a fun first birthday session complete with cake smash and load of balloons…what more could a one year old ask for!?!

Baby bear party – Baby photographer in Greensboro

I get some cute kiddos in the studio.. but boy oh boy.. this little man is a DOLL!! We did his newborn photos what seems like just a month ago.. how time flies! We had so much fun with him as you can see! 🙂 Thankfully I get to see him at least one more time for his 1st birthday! Can’t wait!! 🙂