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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sugarbush Maple Farm – Vermont – New England in the fall

Right off of interstate 89 and Hwy 4 tucked in the hills of Vermont is a beautiful Maple Tree farm. We took a couple hours this fall to take in the scenery, stock up on some true Vermont maple syrup, pet the animals, and learn about what goes on at a real Maple Sugaring Farm. There are a few main areas to this place. First, the maple tree trail, which in the peak of fall is absoulutely stunning. This is where the majority of these photos were taken. Second, there are a few animals which ofcourse the kids will enjoy. Thirdly, the little country store where you can purchase smoked cheeses, pure maple syrup, and other delectable treats. We took home a huge container of syrup (who goes to Vermont and doesn’t”), a great selection of smoked cheese, and some of their really yummy sauces and dip mixes. Who knew a trip to the farm could get so pricey? Lastly, and most interesting in my opinion is the building where you get educated about the process of how they actually harvest and make the maple syrup they sell. This places is a lovely stop to any VT vacation, especially in the fall! You can check them out here: http://www.sugarbushfarm.com/


Natural Bridge State Park, MA. – Travel Hacking – Family Photos

There is a little gem tucked away on what seems like a desserted road on the way to Vermont from Pennsylvania. It’s the Natural Bridge State Park in MA. It took us a bit of time to find it as the GPS took us to a back entrance instead of the front. Its nothing showing, nothing grand, but definitely worth stopping at if you’re on a long road trip and looking for a place to go exploring for a couple hours. There is a nice little visitor center area, a few different trails to walk along. These pictures were shot down the hill (near the parking area) NOT along the regular path. We like to do that.. go places where few dare to explore. The kids were excited to find the creek, and mom was excited just to see something so beautiful for me to take photos of.