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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Make a Wish – First Birthday Photos

Isn’t it amazing how much a baby goes through during their first year of life?  When you stop to think about it, it is remarkable!  Is there any other year that they accomplish so many new skills?  In the span of about 19 months they go from a microscopic organism in their mommy’s tummy to taking their first breath out in the world, automatically programmed to drink new milk, then new foods, rolling over, sitting up, standing and walking.  It is amazing the set of skills these babies accomplish with little coaxing from others- it is just the way God has created them!

Their life is full of whimsy.  You can see the pride in their faces every time they master a new skill- ready with a smile and even a giggle.  They are so persistent.  Something in the minds of a pre-one year old insists that they don’t give up.  Inevitably, they reach milestones.  I’ve been tempted to wish that certain stages would freeze in time, but those sweet babies just keep growing and growing.

This little baby celebrated his first birthday with excitement!  Oh, the places he will go!  His little toothy grin, his belly chuckles, his elbow dimples, his pinchable thighs.  The dreams of this boy are limitless!  It is my hope that as he continues to grow and gather more skills, when he sees this photograph of his first birthday, he will feel the encouragement and possibility to pursue his God-given dreams… and that he pursues them with joy and imagination!

Happy first year, little guy!