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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Sisters at Heart


Sisterhood is such a funny thing.  My sister’s birthday was just a while ago and I wanted to send her a special birthday wish.  As I was thinking about what I wanted to say to her, many things went through my head.  Overall, I was just thankful that we get along so much better now than we did when we were children.  Sure, we played Barbies together, we created imaginary families, and I distinctly remember dressing up in gowns from our costume chest and taking turns being the bride dancing at her reception (usually to a record, yes record, of Disney movie songs).  While one sister was the bride, the other sister was the groom.  Now can you see why we didn’t always get along?  I mean what little girl would rather be the dude than get to twirl and captivate in a gorgeous gown?  Fighting ensued.  Even as we grew past the make believe stage, we were so close in age and in school that we even argued about who could be friends with whom, who could wear the striped shirt we both owned on what day,  who could spend more time in the bathroom on picture day.  Oh I cringe just thinking about all of that.

But now we are both moms.  We really bonded over that!  We have different parenting styles, but just laughing over the hilarious things our kids come up with or commiserating with each other over the grass and the dirt constantly being dragged in from our gangs has given us newfound respect for each other.  I have always been thankful she has been my sister, but today I am thankful she is my friend.  I wish these beautiful young sisters a friendship that spans across adolescence and deepens in adulthood!

“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” ~Isadora James

From Here on Out

Senior Portraits



I remember when I was a child, I could not wait to grow up!  I loved lingering in lands of make believe, spending hours entangled in layers of imagination.  However, when it was time to come back to the reality of chores and boundaries and broccoli, I could not wait to live in my own house where cookie dough would be readily available in my refrigerator for my snacking pleasure.  When I moved into my teenage years, that strong-willed desire did not fade.  I often think of what I wish I could help young girls understand.

From here on out, sweet daughter, remember the tickle of wind blowing your hair.  It is an invitation to a world of fantasy.  Keep your imagination open and ready to dream.  From here on out, be steadfast in your walk with the Lord.  For it is the Lord that created that world of wonder in which you spend your day dreams.  Tell him about every detail of your life, and be amazed at the close friend he can be.  You are beautiful.  You are worthy of respect and true romance, when that time comes.  From here on out, don’t be in rush to grow up.  These last few years are fleeting moments of your childhood, where you have the freedom to imagine the world as it should be, full of unconditional love and playfulness.

And I’m So Happy!

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The chirping birds and the green grass are not the only ones rejoicing over the sunshine of recent days!  Oh my sweet heart, this girl brings such joy to my life!  That smile.  That squished up little nose.  Those eyes that can barely be open because the laughter is just too much!  Does it get any more joyful, folks?  This is the joy of childhood.  The joy of warm sunshine.  The joy of giggles and silliness.  This is the joy of Jesus!  How amazing that he created the seasons and the budding flowers that come back to entice us to play year after year.  Oh, the grass is perking up, the daffodils have bloomed, the wasps are coming out (oh woops this is about joy…), the trees are growing leaves!  And I’m so happy, so very happy.  I’ve got the love of Jesus in my heart!

He Makes All Things New

Easter reminds me of fresh, new things!  What is better than a fresh, newborn baby?  This little sweetheart was a perfect model.  Can you smell the sweet newness of life?  Even the flowers inched closer to breathe in her beauty and give her a welcome into the world!  Capturing peaceful moments like this brings me joy as a photographer.  The days of a newborn pass so quickly.  As much as moms and dads want to make times like this stand still, the sun rises to new days and new phases come swiftly.  I am so grateful for my wonderful clients who give me hope that spring is here, the newness of life is here, even in the Pennsylvania where winter has seemed to taken an extra joy ride around the Poconos!E_Newborn_Photographer1.jpg