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Nursing in the Winter Woods

One of the challenges I have given myself this year is to encourage.. I mean really encourage moms to get in front of the cameras. We all know how fast time goes by and how quickly our kids are growing. What I think we as moms sometimes forget though is that our kids won’t remember what we looked like when they were little. Hopefully you’ve all taken the time to find a custom photography studio at least once within the first year of each of your children’s lives, but even many moms who have done that have neglected to be on the other side of the lens too. Our babies will want to know what we were like when they were little. They’ll want to see images of us playing, laughing, cuddling with them. We are beautiful to them now and we shouldn’t take that for granted. I always hear from clients.. Oh I just want pictures of the kids.. I’ll get a family picture once I loose this weight.. or once I get my hair done.. or I have nothing to wear. Well moms, my challenge to you this year is forget all of those reasons you feel like you can’t be in front of the camera and just get their for your kid’s sakes. They love you exactly how you are!!! Let’s capture the two of you together this year!!


You can see by these images, that even winter is a great time to do that. Especially when you can get snuggled under a cozy blanket and enjoy some sweet and quiet moments with your baby. I love to capture nursing images. I think there is nothing more beautiful then a new momma bonding to her new baby. I hope these inspire you to say yes to having your photos done this year moms!

Greensboro Maternity Photographer – Waiting for Baby Girl!

Greensboro Maternity & Newborn Photography – Baby Boy

Greensboro children’s photographer – Miz Personality!

I might just have a new favorite! This little girl has such spunk and sas.. and such personality!! We had such a blast together and I can’t wait to meet her new baby brother!!