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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Fabulous tips for getting the best Christmas morning photos – Greensboro Family Photographer – WFMY News 2

This weekend I’ll be sharing tips on getting great photos and videos on Christmas morning. Here is the first segment which aired on our local news channel this evening. Its so fun for me (and not so fun at the same time!) to be able to do something like this. Usually I’m on the other side of the camera. Actually, I don’t enjoy being on the front side, but I do enjoy being able to share my passion and joy of photography with families in my area, even if its only just for 5 minutes here and there! Its an honor to be respected enough in our community as an actual professional that the news calls you when they need you though. I will take a little bit of pride in that. Hope you all had a wonderful holidays and very merry Christmas. God bless!



Children’s photography studio NC – My babies – on their way to being a bigger brother and a big sister – Love them so!

Moms.. we! LOVE our kids don’t we.. and wow don’t we really love it when they love each other! My kiddos are 2 1/2 years apart. I don’t know if they would fight each other more if they were closer together, but sometimes I just feel like yelling “can’t we all just get along!” They really know how to aggravate each other, and they seem to do it for no reason at all. I’m sure you feel the same way! 😉 Anyways, the whole point of it all is, I just LOVE when they get along. I love it even more when I can capture the moment on film (well on digital). It brings such joy to mommy’s hear to see that they actually do love each other, even if 85% of the time you’d never guess it! In just a few short months we’ll be adding another little bundle to the family, and I can’t wait to see how big brother, and big sis will love their little brother/sister (we find out soon! 🙂

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North Carolina Chidlren’s photographer – Storybook Sessions – Grinch meets Cindy Lou Who

Our storybook sessions have been some of my absolute favorite! I have to say though, out of all of them, I had the most fun doing Cindy Lou and her Grinch. What a doll baby this little girl is, and what a joy her mommy is to know. I went to get my hair done the other day (her momma is my hairdresser – fabulous by the way – she works at Envy Salon out of Revolution Mill). Anyways, I asked her why I hadn’t seen her for Christmas portraits and told her to come on over and I’d squeeze her in for a little Christmas session. She actually had the idea to do the Grinch.. and you know since I love our storybook sessions, I jumped up and down inside! 🙂 Knowing her fabulous hair skills, I knew our little Cindy Lou Who would be fabulous! So Merry Grinchmas everyone!

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