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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Darling Siblings

Sweet and beautiful.. what more could any photographer ask for in a family?! Loved these 2 kids, their momma and the wonderful location where we did this session. Greensboro has so much to offer!

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Cuddly as a Teddy Bear

Greensboro Family Photographer – Last Days of Summer

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Spunky 3 Year Old!

ISR lessons – a personal story – Star Aquatics in Greensboro

I wanted to share something with you that is near and dear to me. We’ve spent the last 4 weeks, 5 days a week taking our kids to ISR lessons. For those of you who aren’t familiar with ISR ( you’ll get a good idea by watching the video below), I encourage you too google it and see what its all about for yourself. Basically though it teaches babies and toddlers how to survive in the water should they happen to fall in. We personally do not have a pool, nor do we spend alot of time at the pool.  What motivated me was that drowning is among the highest causes of death of children under 4 and that I as a mom have a responsibility to do everything in my power to protect my kids. I’ve invested in an alarm for our house, I’ve invested in good carseats for our vehicles, I’ve invested in baby gates, plug covers, etc etc.. why wouldn’t I invest in keeping my children safe around the water? Yes it was a big commitment both in time and financially but its one of those things that I personally couldn’t not do for my family. We made it work!

Another statistic I recently heard was that it takes just 18 seconds for a child to drown. It takes me more than 18 seconds to turn away, grab my phone, answer it and then look back for my child and find they’ve fallen into the pool/pond/lake whatever.  Wow! If that doesn’t motivate you, I dont know what will!

So, here is my 13 month old in her 4th week of ISR lessons. She’s got probably 2+ more weeks to go until she’s mastered her skills but I felt like now was a good time to share.  Just click on the link below to be taken to the video

Amaya ISR lessons

If you’d like more information about these lessons or how to be put into contact with the local Triad teacher please leave a comment here, shoot us an email to forgetmenotphoto@gmail.com or give us a call at 336-298-1731

Thanks for watching and I hope this has been encouraging that you can keep even your babies safe near water!

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – What a Handsome Little Man!

Greensboro Maternity & Newborn Photography – Baby Boy

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Brotherly Love

Greensboro baby photographer – so fast!

I still have yet to share my baby girls 1st birthday pictures.. and I will soon (when I get the chance to look through them!) I picked up this mirror sometime ago and just recently spray painted in this adorable pick.. to put in her room actually. Several years ago when I first started photographing newborns I took an image of a baby on a mirror. Just recently I’ve had two of my recent newborn clients suggest a similar image. Unfortunately I had long since lost that mirror and hadn’t come across another that I was loved enough to let it take up space in my limited prop closet! Anyways.. the point being.. I found this mirror.. loved it.. painted it.. and decided today to use it for a bigger baby.. my own. 🙂 Love this little girl!!

Greensboro Photographer – Victory Junction Gang Camp – Flashes of Hope

I am very fortunate to be able to volunteer my services to several local and national charitable organizations in many different capacities as a children’s photographer. One of these organizations I am a part of is Flashes of Hope. I’ll let you read about what they do via their website. I’ve been a member of their team now for over a year. Thankfully there are many of us in the state of North Carolina, and because of that we aren’t often called upon to take a “turn” so to speak. My chance finally came around though and I couldn’t have been happier to jump in and say absolutely yes! Not only did I get to visit an extraordinary facility at Victory Junction, but I had the pleasure of meeting some of the wonderful volunteers at this camp, this organization, and more importantly these beautiful kids. Thanks to FOH and VJGC for letting me do this!! Here are some of my favorite images from that day.

Greensboro Photographer
Photogarpher greensboro
Greensboro Photographer
Photographers in greensboro

VIctory Junction gang camp
Greensboro charity events photographer
North Carolina charities photography