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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Bathed in Innocence and Light – San Diego Children’s Photographer

There is something very magical about a boy and his horse. It may be because I grew up hearing Narnia stories and if you know anything about the wonderful world of Narnia you’ll remember the story of Brie and his rider Shasta who are escaping to the North, to the free land of Narnia. At first the two are strangers and by the end of the story they become the best of friends. Animals and children both of them pure. Maybe that is why I love this image so much. The beautiful light just bathing them in this sweet and tender moment, strangers when they meet, but now bonded together as the best of friends.


The End to Summer – Poconos Children’s Photographer

Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state. The Poconos especially are a refreshing, stunning environment to build a family and harness creativity. There isn’t a morning in the summer we don’t see at least a woodpecker, squirrel, hummingbird, or deer out our backdoor. The caterpillars are turning into butterflies as the season draws to a close and I reflect upon how every season our children grow as they blossom into the adults they will soon become. I try to cherish the little moments everyday but I know it won’t be long before they are walking away to build their own lives, to have their own children, and to walk their own path. I pray that they will walk that path holding the Lord’s hand. That they will always set their eyes to the light. And that the days of summer will slow down because the faster they go, the faster the days and the years seem to fade. Oh how I cherish the forget me not moments we are having as the last days of summer this year come to an end. I hope your family is as well.


New Baby, New Brother – Huntsville, Alabama Photographer

One of the most wonderful things about being in the photography business for so long is that I have developed an amazing relationship with so many different clients, many of whom I consider dear friends. This family is one of those families that is very near and dear to my heart. For that reason I packed up my bags and flew out to greet the newest member of their beautiful family, little D. You may wonder how we got a 2 month old to do sleepy newborn photos. The answer is simple, move in with the family for a few days and eventually the baby has to go to sleep! 😉 In all seriousness though, 2 months is a wonderful age for “newborn” photos. For all those moms out there who think they’ve waited too long to get a newborn session please let me encourage you to book your newborn photos when YOU and your baby are READY. We will take the time we need and we will get you beautiful images that you’ll treasure for your lifetime whether or not you’ve missed the 10 cut off! 😉