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North Carolina Storybook Photographer – The Tangled Life of Rapunzel

One of the best reasons why I love these new storybook sessions is because we can be so creative with the sessions, and because the kids have so much fun doing them. After all, what child doesn’t like to play dress up, especially as their favorite characters. Every little girl dreams of being a princess don’t they? Well at our studio, we can make the dream come true. For about an hour and a half, Ms. O got to play Rapunzel with all the props and scenery from her favorite story. Even better, mom gets to take home a gorgeous custom made storybook of all of these images where she is the center of the story. What a precious gift for this mommy to give her little girl! This book will truely be cherished for years to come. One day she’ll be reading it to her own kids!

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Greensboro baby photographer – L’s 1st birthday celebration

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North Carolina Children’s Photography Studio – Storybook Snow White


I wanted to share with you one thing that makes these storybook sessions so special. It takes us about a month to put together the perfect props, scout a location, and find the best costume designers. From there we put everything together to literally create a storybook where your kiddo is the main character. We write a story completely customized to your little characters, in the same type of story of the real tale. Here is an example of our smallest storybook album. I can tell you from experience, the best part of the whole experience is seeing the joy that comes when your little one realizes the book is all about them! The lots of snuggles you’ll get reading it over and over aren’t too bad either! 🙂

You can read the book by clicking on the square in the bottom right of the image, and scroll through the pages with the arrows.