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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Sweeeeet Siblings!

Its pretty rare that a family will opt to do a session in a more urban environment, so when it happens I get super excited because its one of my favorite things to do. There are so many awesome textures and colors in downtown Greensboro, the possibilities are endless! These two cuties were some of the sweetest, loving, and most cooperative(!) kiddos we’ve had the privilege of working with!  We had such a fun time playing with them downtown on a beautiful Saturday morning. A little funny about the session, both mom and dad teach at two different colleges in the Triad area.. the same two colleges where my husband teaches ROTC. 🙂 Its a small world!

Greensboro Newborn Photographer – Beautiful Baby A!

Oh sweet newborns! There is nothing more precious then the first few days of a babies life and its such a joy for us to be able to capture these moments for our families. This little girl was the oldest “newborn” we’ve actually done photos for, but even at 4+ weeks she was so mild mannered and sweet. I was very pleasantly surprised to have such a cooperative little lady and ofcourse having such a sweet momma is wonderful too!

Greensboro Photographer – Fairy Tale Castle

High Point Children’s Photographer – The Fairest of Them All

I’ve always wanted to capture fairy tale themed sessions, I’ve just never had the opportunity to do so. Thinking of adding costumes, and props to do so was way to overwhelming for us to even start the process of being able to offer these very special sessions. Lighting. mood, and location were the next step and I honestly had no idea where to begin looking for a place to do something like this. That is until the day I was invited to a local photography event put on by another very talented photographer in our area. Apparently, I’ve been a member of this group for quite sometime, but have never had (or I suppose made) the time to make it out to any of their gatherings. Things were different for me on this day however, because the location of the shoot made me realize.. what I wanted was sitting right in front of me! I had forgotten we have our very own fairy tale castle right here in the Triad. Ofcourse it cannot compare to castles I grew accustomed to seeing during our 4 year tour in Europe, but it would do just fine for what I wanted right now. Then came the difficult task of finding myself a suitable costume for my daughter to wear. Thanks to a very fabulous and sweet client I had that down in less then a day!

And so it begins.. Forget Me Not Photography fairy tale sessions. Nothing is set in stone right now, but hopefully very soon we’ll be offering complete fairy tale packages for girls and boys of all ages! Stay tuned the next few months as we iron out all the details! Until then, please enjoy my very own little snow white herself.