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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Little Mohawk Man!

This little man was born stylin’ with his adorable blond mohawk! I was so excited when I saw that head of hair I could barely contain myself. Mom probably thought I was a nut! We had a super fun time doing some cute stuff with this little guy and it always makes me smile to break out my oscar the grouch fur! There are lots more of little man on the facebook fan page too!

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Little Heartbreaker

Watch out ladies…this little man is sure to be a heartbreaker! ¬†Just look at those eyes and that sweet, sly smile! Can you say TROUBLE with a capital T! Even though it was WORK to get a smile out of him, I think he still enjoyed himself (just playing the tough guy!). If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is big brother to those 2 little beautiful girls from earlier!!!

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Little Miss Spunk

We just can’t resist sharing lots of shots from this spunky little girl’s modeling portfolio session!¬† It is such a joy to get a little one who just LOVES to have their picture taken. If you can’t tell, she is one of those little girls. And.. ofcourse you can see she is fabulous at it as well! This cutie is so full of personality, we think she’s sure to be a star!

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Cute as a button.. just like her mommy

My very dear friend came to visit with her brand new little man and this little darling who I haven’t seen in WAY too long! Since I just love what I do, I just HAD to take her up to the studio for a quick second and get at least one good photo of her for mommy! Love that little smile!!

Greensboro Children’s Photographer – Little Boy Blue

IMG_8706 We keep getting “old” newborns who seem to think they are “young”! We’ve had several 4 week+ babies in the studio lately who have just been as easy as pie to work with. Talk about being spoiled!!! I was so happy to finally meet this little guy and truly enjoyed the much needed visit with mom!