Oh the places!

You may remember this cutie from a post a few weeks ago.  His first birthday session was a blast!  We were able to get lots of creative shots right here in the Poconos, and some great keepsakes for his mom and dad.

The main challenge: bedtime.  This little guy goes to bed early!  But guess what doesn’t go to bed early?  The sun.  It was a little challenge to get him to show off his happy-all-the-time personality for the evening light, but we was a trooper!  I am so glad!  He, like most babies, loved his balloon.  He was just learning how to walk steadily and gleefully trailed his balloon down the street, proclaiming proudly his victory of turning ONE!  Don’t worry, this is a safe street in Pennsylvania with little to no traffic… no babies were harmed in the making of this photo shoot.  In fact, one baby was quite filled with laughter during this photo shoot!  Just the first year of many; oh the places he will go!