Mom, Loved Beyond Measure

When my first child was born, I bought one of those fill in the blank baby books that you recorded all the milestones and “firsts”.  You know what I’m talking about: first outing, first tooth, first foods, first vacation, first explosive poopy diaper that had mommy running out of the grocery store with awkward yellow stains on her shirt (oh wait, not that one…).  I started keeping up with it, but then eventually came to the conclusion that I had a pretty good memory and would probably remember all that without having to write it down.  Several years later, several kids later, guess what?  I DON’T REMEMBER!

Mommy, the moment’s are so fleeting!  I want you to remember the way your child’s hair stood up in a Mohawk no matter how often you brushed it aside into a part.  The way you smiled down at your sweet darling as she surrendered to your breast, her little fist wrapped confidently around your finger.  The way those two little baby teeth poked through her gummy grin as she stared at you with ever-learning eyes.  The tight grip around your neck as you spun in joyful circles round and round the living room just to hear that belly laugh one time more.

More importantly, I want your child to know the persistence with which you pursued her, the smile you gave her, the security she felt from your grasp, the lessons you helped her learn, the willingness you had to help her feel the bliss of pure fun!  When your child is older, wouldn’t it be amazing to give her the opportunity to see the fullness of which you embraced motherhood?

This is my mission!  I want you mommies in front of the camera!  I want to capture how you relate with your kids, so you can both remember and discover all over again how your relationship began and evolved.  I am offering you, yes YOU, Mom, the opportunity to capture the “now” moments.  I am now booking Mother’s Day Minis.  And, when you pin this to pinterest, you will be entered to win a free session.  Pin it to win it!