Energy Anew

Back to the coffee pot I go this morning.  Is it my first refill?  My second? Oh whatever the number, I am just hoping that this next cup will energize me for the day. Or the morning. Or this next hour… heck these next few minutes! Morning inside my house can be rough, I am not going to lie. Sometimes I even feel begrudged that I am out of bed before I am ready (I love you, my precious babies, I do).

And then a thought crosses my mind as I catch a glimpse of this beautiful image. This image is like the energy I need each morning. The sunshine, my first sip of coffee. The sweet scent of dew, my refill. The fragrance of flowers, my second trip to the carafe. Each detail just wakes me up to the new day as I catch the energy of this sweet child of God anticipating the joy of the field she is lingering in. I find myself wanting to prance around the tall, soft blades of grass, breathing deeply the scent of spring! Oh Pennsylvania, today will be a good day!