Sisters at Heart


Sisterhood is such a funny thing.  My sister’s birthday was just a while ago and I wanted to send her a special birthday wish.  As I was thinking about what I wanted to say to her, many things went through my head.  Overall, I was just thankful that we get along so much better now than we did when we were children.  Sure, we played Barbies together, we created imaginary families, and I distinctly remember dressing up in gowns from our costume chest and taking turns being the bride dancing at her reception (usually to a record, yes record, of Disney movie songs).  While one sister was the bride, the other sister was the groom.  Now can you see why we didn’t always get along?  I mean what little girl would rather be the dude than get to twirl and captivate in a gorgeous gown?  Fighting ensued.  Even as we grew past the make believe stage, we were so close in age and in school that we even argued about who could be friends with whom, who could wear the striped shirt we both owned on what day,  who could spend more time in the bathroom on picture day.  Oh I cringe just thinking about all of that.

But now we are both moms.  We really bonded over that!  We have different parenting styles, but just laughing over the hilarious things our kids come up with or commiserating with each other over the grass and the dirt constantly being dragged in from our gangs has given us newfound respect for each other.  I have always been thankful she has been my sister, but today I am thankful she is my friend.  I wish these beautiful young sisters a friendship that spans across adolescence and deepens in adulthood!

“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” ~Isadora James