Standing Tall

This is another image from the session I was able to capture of my boy on the beach.  We were actually on vacation during these shots and I was itching for a change of scenery.  I love beach shots.  When we lived in North Carolina it was a little more available, but in here in Pennsylvania it is a treat to go to the shore.  I haven’t visited many beaches up in the northern part of the country.  It’s still a little odd to me that when people say “let’s go to the beach” they actually mean a lake.  I want waves that are rolling in from a hard day’s work of ocean drifting, waves that were once traveled by dolphins and fish and sharks and whales.  (Side note- why is it now grammatically correct to say fishes?  What is wrong with using fish for singular and plural?  Might as well just say fishies.  That’s what it reminds me of.  End note.)  Of course there’s the Jersey shore; a part of me always wishes I could have visited the boardwalk in its prime decades ago.  Nevertheless, we found great adventure at this beach.  We were visiting family out west and for much of the trip, and I tried to step away from the camera to be more present with my kids.  However, can you blame me for picking it up on this gorgeous evening?  My boy.  Standing so tall, busy with adventure, caught in a glance back to the group.  Ah, vacation.  The warmth of the setting sun mixed with the evening breeze.  I’ll just stay in this memory a while longer.

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