Cotton Candy Curls

Amaya - NC beach photos


I had to continue the beach series before summer comes to an end.  You think I’m kidding, but temps in north eastern Pennsylvania are already threatening the 60s.  We haven’t even made it to the pool one time!  So again I will run to the memories my camera provides.  I love how photography can instantly transport you to memories and inspire dreams.  My baby girl is no stranger to dreams.  She inspires many of my dreams and is such a joy to photograph!  I love these images because they remind me of cotton candy.  Silly, huh?  Every time I look at them, I just can smell the sweetness in the air.  The crisp, sweet, fresh beach air.  I just want to lay on the sand and watch her dance around in the warmth of the sun, curls bouncing, laughter flowing, dress twirling.  Let’s make a sand angel!  Let’s run up the shore and let the waves tickle our toes!  Let’s enjoy this day, baby girl, being silly and goofy, being you and me.