Greensboro Photographer – Cutest Kid Contest 2011 – Photographer’s choice awards

Now I have to start this off by saying EVERY ONE of these kids were so extraordinary! I was absolutely and incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to meet them all, their wonderful moms, dads, and many grannies too! I wanted to share some of my favorite images from February and with those some very special titles and prizes I’ve decided to give away just because I feel like it! 😉  So each of these families are receiving bonus prints, etc in their packages.. all of which I’m leaving as a surprise for when ya’ll come and pick them up! 😉

The Sweetest Moment

These brothers just melt my heart! I love the connection between them and all three of them are just the sweetest boys you will ever meet!

Cutest Prop

How adorable is this???? This little girl was just the cutest in her little tutu and then to make it even cuter.. momma brought along this little ballerina! Looks like their deep in serious conversation here doesnt it! So precious!

Biggest Giggles

I just absolutely LOVED the expression in this photo! Nothing is sweeter than little baby giggles

Most likely to break hearts

Now this one was actually a tough category for me to choose!  There were two other kiddos in the running for this title…..but I just kept coming back to this image.. she looks so grown up!!! I suspect they’ll be many boys getting this look one day.. and poor boy’s they’ll be! lol

Most Mischievous

I dont think I need to say anything..just take a look at that face! hehe So cute! Watch out mamma!!