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Baby’s 1st birthday – Winston Salem, NC

Happy belated birthday little lady! I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of knowing this family for 3 years now and have the opportunity to photograph this darling little girl since she was just a few weeks old. The time has certainly flown by and I can hardly believe she’s recently celebrated her first birthday. This is the first time I’ve ever actually been to Triad Park for a session and since it was just barely spring I was a little worried we were going to be facing a yucky dreary day and a yucky dreary brown background. Thankfully, even though a bit chilly and windy, we were able to pull it off and the grass was mostly green. Plus we found a little spot with some early blooming flowers. We’d already been waiting a couple months for birthday images outside, so although we could have waited a few more for a beautiful truly spring day, we decided to go for it!  She was as happy and sweet as ever so I’m so glad we did!