Photography Studio – Baby’s first year portraits – Greensboro, NC

What a joy it is for me to see a family year after year after year, to watch the kids get bigger and to watch the family grow. It’s been 3 years now since I started photographing this family and I’m so happy that I’ll get to see them several more times this year as baby girl grows. Its always so nice to see big brother, and ofcourse by now he thinks its party time every time we get together because we have so much fun.  I do my best work with these types of clients because they understand what my vision is for them, and they are right there with me as we create it together. Plus, it is a rarity for me to have a mother who is excited to be in the photos with her kids so when I find one I embrace the opportunity to capture these even more special forget me not moments. After all moms, our kids will want to know what we were like when they were little, and they’ll want to see the love that we had for them from the beginning won’t they?