Our family – Adoption Across America Photography Project

We thought our family was complete with two adoptions from foster care (in the 1980s) and six biological children. There are also eleven grandchildren in the mix. Our youngest bio was approaching her teen years.  But then we dared to remember the dream of “someday” adopting a little girl from China.  We ended up with approval for two, and since we were going to do this ONLY ONCE, why not?  Soooo Abigail and Jennifer came home in the spring of 2013.

Shortly after the girls came home our heart was called to an eleven year old boy who just sounded so sweet – and indeed he is.  Isaac came home in the spring of 2014.

We attended a reunion picnic to meet children adopted from the same orphanage as our girls but also met a child who was being hosted in the states – he had grown up with our girls.  Patrick came home in the spring of 2015.

At this point I was telling God and everyone else who would listen that I was DONE!  But my heart hadn’t counted on the little girl I’d advocated for over the period of nearly two years being stuck tight.  Our Sonnet came home in July of 2016.

Had anyone told me that well into my fifties I would again have six children of my own at home I would have laughed at them.  It wasn’t my plan.  But I’m thankful that God’s ways are not our ways and His plans are not our plans. These children in my “old age” have been worth all the sleepless nights, the paperwork, the hassle and the worry.  If you too are a “seasoned parent” I encourage you to take that leap and allow an awesome child who just needs a chance to change your life.  I am one truly blessed mama and having the time of my life!