Adoption Across America – North Carolina

When love takes you in…

Adoption has impacted my life in many different ways. I was adopted from Romania in 1991 at 3 weeks old. The night before my parents were supposed to fly to Romania the adoption agency called and said the Romanian judge was not granting adoptions. They stepped out on faith and on their court date a new judge was presiding who did grant the adoption. After 3 weeks of trying to get back to the USA, visas were not issued, but God worked a miracle and I was granted a Humanitarian Parole. Flash forward 25 years and I am now a nanny for 2 precious girls as I pursue a degree in children’s ministry.

Riayn was 4 months old when I got to meet her, she had the chubbiest cheeks and eyes that disappeared when she smiled. She was adopted from Alaska as a newborn and is now an active 3 year old. I have had the honor of watching her during the week and seeing her grow. Her eyes still disappear when she smiles, her laughter is contagious, and I love how she skips instead of walking.
Samantha Jean(SJ) will be 1 in July, and I have been her nanny since she was 3 weeks old.

SJ was also adopted as a newborn. She was so tiny and weighed nothing, now she is walking and too big to snuggle in a wrap. The first time she laughed I cried, the way she now scrunches her nose when grinning, or when her little hands touch my legs when she wants to be held melt my heart.

People often assume I am their mother, but 99.9% of the time I proudly say “I’m just the nanny.” People are surprised, but it gives me the opportunity to share how we are all adopted. Adoption is not only a physical act their couples do to grow their family, but it’s a spiritual act that God uses to grow His family. When we accept Christ, we are adopted into His forever family. And by sharing our adoption, I have an open door to share His amazing sovereignty. Just as Riayn, SJ and I are adopted into our forever families, my prayer is that one day they will acknowledge their Savior and become part of God’s forever family.

…When love takes you in, it takes you in for good.
*When Love Takes You In by Steven Curtis Chapman