Adoption Across America – More in North Carolina

The story of redemption is powerful. One that speaks to the heart of all men and begs the question, “why me?” Yet in the life and very death of Jesus Christ – we see the act of redemption, reaching out to the poor and desperate, seeking those who needed to be found, healing those who were sick, sinful, and hopelessly lost. Ultimately Christ gave the ultimate gift, His very life, to redeem all people from sin and He continues to give the gift of eternal life to all who believe. The theme of redemption echoes in our very souls, moving us forward to show the love of God to others – just as Jesus did for us. In Hebrews we are commanded, “And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16.

Our eyes were opened to the plight of orphans who have Down syndrome. These sweet children are not seen as blessings. They are left in orphanages, condemned to life in mental institutions if not adopted. They never know the goodnight kiss of a mother, the playful hug of a father, the thrill of being appreciated and known for all that they can do. Down syndrome is near to our heart, because God blessed us with a baby nine years ago who happens to have it. The call to adoption became irresistible. When we first saw our adopted daughter’s picture on Reece’s Rainbow, an adoption advocacy site, we were taken aback by how much she resembled our biological daughter. We immediately made a connection. After months of praying and research, we began with a phone call that would change our lives. We contacted the adoption agency representing this precious little girl. From then on, our year consisted of piles of paperwork, anxious waiting, fundraising and praying. We couldn’t wait to go meet our new little one, to hold her in our arms, and welcome her to her very own family.

Rosie joined our family in July, 2015 through adoption. The joy she has brought, the redemptive love we now understand, the work of the Lord, all these through adoption, are experiences every family should want.

Choose life. Choose adoption.