And I’m So Happy!

children's photography, joy, girl

The chirping birds and the green grass are not the only ones rejoicing over the sunshine of recent days!  Oh my sweet heart, this girl brings such joy to my life!  That smile.  That squished up little nose.  Those eyes that can barely be open because the laughter is just too much!  Does it get any more joyful, folks?  This is the joy of childhood.  The joy of warm sunshine.  The joy of giggles and silliness.  This is the joy of Jesus!  How amazing that he created the seasons and the budding flowers that come back to entice us to play year after year.  Oh, the grass is perking up, the daffodils have bloomed, the wasps are coming out (oh woops this is about joy…), the trees are growing leaves!  And I’m so happy, so very happy.  I’ve got the love of Jesus in my heart!