North Carolina Chidlren’s photographer – Storybook Sessions – Grinch meets Cindy Lou Who

Our storybook sessions have been some of my absolute favorite! I have to say though, out of all of them, I had the most fun doing Cindy Lou and her Grinch. What a doll baby this little girl is, and what a joy her mommy is to know. I went to get my hair done the other day (her momma is my hairdresser – fabulous by the way – she works at Envy Salon out of Revolution Mill). Anyways, I asked her why I hadn’t seen her for Christmas portraits and told her to come on over and I’d squeeze her in for a little Christmas session. She actually had the idea to do the Grinch.. and you know since I love our storybook sessions, I jumped up and down inside! :) Knowing her fabulous hair skills, I knew our little Cindy Lou Who would be fabulous! So Merry Grinchmas everyone!

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