The Long Winter

Pennsylvania is beautiful. If you’ve never been here, you should come for a visit. And although remote, the Poconos area is really a wonderful place for a vacation. We’ve loved the 6 months we’ve been here and although it has snowed much more than we’re normally used to, its so exciting to be able to get out in such a beautiful place for images that are so different from what we can produce at our North Carolina studio. There were many days in NC that I spent wishing for snow yet we’d get a handful every winter, with really more than a dusting. We’ve had about 15 inches or so this last week here.  It doesn’t look like it will be melting off anytime soon either. I suppose someone in the family should take advantage and learn to ski? 😉 I’m busy creating beautiful imagery with some beautiful clients so it definitely won’t be me. The only sad thing I will say about this winter, is  there are days its so cold that we can’t even go outside for a minute let alone an entire 30-60 for a complete session.  I suspect we’ll be shooting snow images in the spring when its a bit warmer, but who wants to wait until then? Not me! 😉 Thankfully I have willing darlings who are willing to get out there with me in the heart of winter to play fairytales.


Little Red Riding Hood - Children's Photographer