Greensboro Newborn Photographer – Beautiful Baby N

So you have to know by now, that we love to photograph newborns. Well okay so its not only that, its so fun to have a brand new baby in the studio we get to snuggle and enjoy! 🙂 We’ve been encouraging our clients to get creative lately when booking sessions, especially newborns. We’ve been asking them to bring  keepsakes that mean something special to their family, or might mean something special to their children, who as they get older will remember these photographs and these items in their home and cherish these images even more. I was thrilled to see all the wonderful things that mom brought for me to use during this session. The first, the tiara she wore at her wedding. Can you really think of anything more beautiful and special?!  How wonderful a moment to capture, this new baby girl wearing her mommies wedding tiara. Love!  And she didn’t stop there, she also brought me this gorgeous bread bowl stand from her grandmother that they have in their home. I love making these images truly personal with such special items and I’m thrilled to be able to also share them with you!