Edes Printing Press – Boston, MA – Travel Photography

We’ve been studying the American Revolution this year, the patriots, and all of the other important people and events that shaped our country’s rich history. I am so thankful we have the opportunity to live in the northeastern part of the U.S. even if it is only for a couple of years. We have so many wonderful cities, rich with historical landmarks just within a few hours drive from us. This summer we took a road trip up to Boston. We hit up many of the typical tourist spots but this was one of my favorites, and the kid’s as well. It was the Edes print shop and chocolate store. The coolest thing about this place was that we had actually been learning (thanks to a neat video game we found on Pinterest) about the Edes family print shop. I had no idea that there was still actually a place in existence so I was very excited to see it. Even cooler is the fact that they are still printing copies of the Declaration of Indepenence on their original printing press. The adjoining chocolate store/factory.. whatever it actually is called was also pretty neat as well. You can see how they took cocoa powder to make hot chocolate and even sample a taste. Surprising to the kids, it was not that sweet as sugar was ofcourse very expensive during the Revolution. I definitely recommend taking a tour of these two little historical gems when you visit Boston!